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Bathroom Remodelling

Bathroom remodeling designs have never been easier to bring style and functionality together. We service areas in Nassau County on Long Island, Queens and Brooklyn NY.

Bathroom Renovation NYC

Bathroom Design

Do you want to bring in the latest and greatest solution to your bathroom renovation in NYC? Mughal Builders incorporates clients’ preferences with their requirements all while adhering to their personal style.

Tile For Bathroom Walls & Floors


Most bathrooms are tiled with ceramic. Some colors, textures and styles can only be manufactured using ceramic tile technology.We are here to help you find the perfect tile for your home or commercial projects.

NYC Shower Systems

Shower Systems

A shower module is the easiest type of shower to install. These modules come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Some even come with built-in shelving and seating. Alternatively, a custom shower built to fit your bathroom’s unique space (9).jpg
Working With Excellent
Bathroom remodeling

The key to a luxury bathroom renovation in New York City is to utilize every inch of space. Small bathrooms are all too common in NYC, which is why we’ve made sure our team is comprised of the best bathroom renovation contractors, designers, and planners who are experts at maximizing space. When handling the most delicate room in your home, we give equal weight to function and aesthetic. Our goal is to bring your dream NYC bathroom to life

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Regardless of what your bathroom remodel project may require, Gaudioso Contracting’s comprehensive approach will provide a level of convenience you won’t find anywhere else. A few of the many services we can provide to meet your renovation needs include the installation of:

  • A shower or bathtub
  • Flooring, including under-floor heating systems
  • Lighting and plumbing fixtures
  • Tile
  • Cabinets and vanities
  • Countertops
  • Windows and doors
  • Waterproofing
  • Sinks
  • And more

Additionally, we’ll coordinate any required shutdowns that may be needed when installing new plumbing or wiring. We’ll also thoroughly clean up the project site when your bathroom remodels is complete, as well as remove all debris that’s generated by your project.

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